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Web browser designed for use on a mobile device to enable users to access, retrieve and view documents and other resources on the Internet.



AlarmsAndReminders app can be scheduled to launch alarms or reminders at a specified time in the future and can be configured to launch on a recurring schedule: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, EndOfMonth or Yearly.


Tap on the ASL Alphabet option to view each sign.


When the application launches on the Phone, the initial page will show the camera view. Take a picture by tapping the SH button. A message on the camera view indicates the status of the saving operations to your Phone camera roll. After the picture has been saved, exit the application. In the Pictures Hub, find the picture that you took in the Phone camera roll.


A stopwatch designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time.

Duration Calculator

The "Duration Calculator" app calculates the difference in number of days and weeks between two dates.

Employee Time Card

Timecard for tracking project and hourly employee time card records.

First Aid Info

In case of emergency if you launch the “First Aid Info” app, you will see an emergency contact that you can call, as well as any important medical information that the paramedics should know.


Notepad is a text editor. The resulting files are saved with the .txt extension.


Paint is a finger-painting application. The program saves your masterpieces to your phone’s pictures library.
Go to your phone’s Pictures hub to load or view your artworks.


This App is designed to enable you to play the Piano on your Mobile Phone. Press a key to play a note.


Ruler is an excellent tool to measure object with the phone.


By default the app has a white background with the inscription sos. Selecting the application bar you can set other colors. In the application bar there are two other buttons: the SOS button, that spells s.o.s. in morse code and the Light button, to call for attention.

Stop Watch

This is a common stopwatch used in a number of sporting events with start, stop/pause, lap and reset functions.

Tap to Count

TapToCount increments a counter every time you tap the screen. The app remembers your current count indefinitely. Press the Reset Button to clear the count.

Sound Recorder

This application allows you to record, save, delete sounds and play them using a slider to manipulate the pitch. Nokia Music Button: Instant free music streaming on Lumia Windows Phone; 100s of curated mixes;
Create your own artist mixes; Offline caching; Graphic Equalizer; No login, no ads; Gig Finder for live concerts;


Play music from the Music + Videos hub and then use this app to accompany it with vibrations.